Devrai Valley Resort


By the banks of India’s only perennial waterfall Devrai- where Gods’ live, is a serene hideaway. Its “one with nature” design makes it a natural habitat for wellness to take residence. A variety of accommodation options are available – twin villas 2403 sqft, luxury villa- 2150 sqft, twin villas 2403 sqft. from the scenic roads of the Karul ghat the site is surrounded by mountains echoing ancient Konkan traditions. A range of amenities like gathering spaces, restaurants, amphitheatre, and wellness facilities like spa, saunas, yoga centres, and gym have been provided for a well-rounded luxury experience.

An amalgamation of vernacular and modern design strategies responding to the micro climate of the site, showcased through the materials like steel structures used in projection and sloping roof profiles. The Konkan tradition is reflected in the use of Mangalore tiles for sloping roofs and limestones façade cladding.


Location Vaibhavwadi, Napne, Maharashtra.
Year 2021
Area 4 acres
Project cost N.A
Status Ongoing